1476 Altarpiece

The London panels

The 1476 Altarpiece or San Domenico Altarpiece is a 1476 tempera and gold on panel altarpiece by Carlo Crivelli. Its central panel of the Pietà is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, whilst the other nine are now in the National Gallery, London.


Lower register:

  • Madonna and Child, 148x63 cm, signed OPVS KAROLI CRIVELLI VENETI 1476
  • Saint John the Baptist, 138x40 cm
  • Saint Peter, 138x40 cm
  • Saint Catherine of Alexandria, 138x40 cm
  • Saint Dominic, 138x40 cm

Upper register:

  • Saint Francis, 61x40 cm
  • Saint Andrew, 61x40 cm
  • Pietà, 69x63,5 cm
  • Saint Stephen, 61x40 cm
  • Saint Thomas, 61x40 cm